Nicki Minaj Is The Only Woman in the ' Highest Paid Hip-Hop Artists on the globe- See the list

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:29/09/2017
Forbes has been rolling out their annual list of the highest paid celebrities, and their hip-hop artists' list has a few surprises.

Topping the list once again is Sean "P. Diddy" Combs who earned $70 million for his vodka company Ciroc, DeLeon tequila, Aquahydrate water, selling a large portion of Sean Jean and his Bad Boy Reunion Tour— he's heavily involved in every aspect of each venture.

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Knocking JAY-Z from the No. 2 spot is Aubrey Graham also known as Drake, who made $94 million in the past 12 months. 

Forbes notes that despite his gaudy recorded music numbers, the Canadian emcee made the bulk of his bucks on the road during his wildly successful Boy Meets World Tour. He also earns millions for shilling Apple, Sprite and Nike. JAY-Z ranks third with earnings of $42 million, and there’s more on the way: this summer he signed a new pact with touring giant Live Nation that will pay him $200 million through the coming decade.

Out of the 20 rap artists listed, it should be noted that Nicki Minaj is the only woman, making $16 million in the last year, placing her in the No. 16 spot. 

Despite chart-topping records Remy Ma and Cardi B are not on the list, as they don't have any major endorsement deals. It should be noted that newcomer Lil Yachty placed at No. 20 with $11 million, as he has a deal with Target, Sprite and Nautica.  

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