Tekno’s Unforgettable Performance Leaves Fans wanting him back

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:11/09/2017
The famous singer was not alone in''My 250 Concert''showcased on this Sunday as he shared stage with the local renowned artistes that involve; Bruce Melody and Liliane Mbabazi


Tekno, Afropop, RnB HipHop king, true names Augustine Miles Kelechi, is a Nigerian singer, song-writer, producer, performer and dancer.

 MU MAFOTO 100: Tekno yashimishije ibihumbi by'abakunzi b'umuziki bitabiriye igitaramo yakoreye i Kigali–VIDEO

The local artistes performed live, prior to the 24 years old now, to warm up the show staged at the Kigali Conference of Exhibition Village (KCEV), better known as Camp Kigali, Rwanda.

The Pana hit maker confirmed his music unforgettable experience as he dual performed live and play back at a time which amused number of revelers at the concert.  



teknoTekno( Right) poses in picture with Bruce Melody( left)

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