Celebrities to back The Victims Of Hurricane Harvey

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:30/08/2017
Celebrities Call For Action After Hurricane Harvey Devastates Houston


Rescue officials have estimated nearly 30,000 Houston residents will be forced to evacuate their homes and relocate to various shelters after Hurricane Harvey incited dangerous flooding throughout the city. While reports have stated thousands of residents have been rescued from the tropical storm, there is still a lot more action that needs to be done.

Beyonce has joined the list of Houston natives stepping up to help the thousands left without homes or resources during Hurricane Harvey.


In response to the devastating natural disaster, hip-hop is rallying together to donate, support, and aid Houston as it continues to recover its city. Drake, whom has often regarded H-Town as his second home, has spoken out on Instagram, vowing to help in any way possible. Kevin Hart also posted a video, calling upon others to leap into action.


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