Bruce Melodie, Charly & Nina to perform in Canada

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:11/08/2017
The Ikinya hitmaker along with Rwandas RnB female songbirds are blessed for music nowadays as they are groping in heydays. Confidential sources to the singers hit hammer on the nail that they will be flying to Canada for their music purposes.


That they are slated to depart on 26th August 2017, the Pop Star told journalist that he expects to feature in big events due to take place in Canada where he will be likely to expand their music wings globally.  

 Bruce Melodie

Bruce Melodie performance in Canada will be on the fire

Speaking to Muyoboke Alex, on behalf of Charly and Nina, we were confided that they will not let anything to stop them from going much as requirements processing has been yet ready.

 Bruce Melodie, Charly na Nina bagiye kwerekeza muri Canada

Charly and Nina will meet Bruce Melodie on stage in Canada


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