Comedians Siriki and Souké urge Rwandans to lend Burkina Faso President Kagame

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:14/06/2017
The famous comedians from Burkina Faso better known as Siriki and Souke, by the stage names, landed in Kigali on 11 June following their being performers in the Great lake's Cinematic Festival concert that took place in Democratic Republic of Congo. The superstars, who happened to appear in Bobodioufs movies, spoke on their perspective to Rwanda.


On their first arrival to the country of thousand hills, Siriki and Souke, real names Frédéric Soré and Mahamoudou Tiendrébéogo, were much more impressed with everlasting  cleanliness all around every corner of the country but they found some similar activities in Rwanda  that are common in Burkina Faso as well that include; traditional dances and number of moto cycles.

 VIDEO: Siriki na Souké barasaba abanyarwanda kubatiza Perezida Kagame nk’imyaka 3 kandi ngo Siriki ntiyigeze apfa

‘’ I wish you could lend us your President for 3 years at least! It will get us happy since he works harder,’’ Siriki, real name Frederic Sore said.

Asked about the rumors that he was dead, Siriki dispelled the hearsay asserting that some people who confused him with the late Ivorian Cost entertainer, Sidiki, are wrong.  

‘’ I don’t die as you can see it for yourself!’’ Siriki debunks the rumors with good humored confidence.


Abanyarwenya Siriki na Souké bari kubarizwa mu Rwanda-AMAFOTO

Click here to watch their short comdy while in Kigali

Both Comedians confirmed that they ultimately dedicated their life to entertaining people through Comedy. And they took the advantage to incentivize all comedians not to prioritize the money, they secure out of their comic career, but think about the quality of their comedy designed to wow people though some developed countries like U.S comedy career pays off little fees.     

Click here to watch a video for interview 

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