The Ben’s visit to Trace Africa rekindles the Rwandan music hope

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:12/06/2017
The Rwandan artist, The Ben was much more impressed by the warm welcome he was cautioned with when he landed a sightseeing to the Trace Africas headquarters based in South Africa on 9th June 2017. He said that he learned many things from the Visit which will undoubtedly take his music to the next level.


The Habibi hit maker was welcomed by many media outlets which treated him with special care such as the Trace Africa which took pride to peddle the news of the Rwandan artist visit via twitter.


Afrika y’Epfo: The Ben yasuye Trace Africa yakirwa mu buryo bwamuhaye icyizere cy'ejo heza h'umuziki nyarwanda


Addressing to Inyarwanda.com, The Ben confirmed that he was invited for interviews on diverse radio stations and television. The songster added that he went to South Africa aiming to shoot the footage for his new single featuring a Ugandan Sheebah Karungi as well as find way by which his music will go beyond the borders.

 The Ben

‘’ I was cautioned in good manner reviving the hopeful future for Rwandan music industry, I found out that many radio stations were aware that I would come, I held interviews on different radio stations and one television. My main purpose was to have my song shot but I sought ways to open up direct channel that will help distribute our music project from the region to the West until the South, fortunately, it was successful. I expect to head back to Chicago maybe on Monday or Tuesday,’’ The Ben told the reporter.  

 The Ben

The Ben was on Trace Africa

The BenbenThe Ben

The Ben did a song with a Ugandan Sheebah Karungi

Click here to listen to the interview 


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