Charly& Nina and Dj Pius& Farious met Central Africa’s First Lady

Posted By: Rutayisire Patience - On:14/02/2017
Charly Nina, Dj Pius and Farious are now in Central Africa where they performed on 11 Feb 2017 and were hosted by first lady of Central Africa, Brigitte Touadera.

Mrs. Touadera who warmly welcomed Rwandan singers to her home, thanked Rwanda for empowering women. Speaking to Inyarwanda.com, the manager of the songstresses Muyoboke Alex says Brigitte Touadera was given a description of gender equality in Rwanda especially woman empowerment by Charly & Nina.

charly na nina

Charly&Nina and  Brigitte Touadare, Centre Africa's first lady

The singers appreciated the fact that Touadera invited them to her home. She thanked them for choosing to perform in Central Africa and she urged them to come back and  entertain  the people of Central Africa.

charly na nina

Charly&Nina, Dj Pius and Farious at Touadera's home

Central African First lady, Brigitte Touadera previously came to Rwanda last year (2016) and she met Jeannette Kagame, Rwanda’s first lady and she witnessed how Rwanda made progress in empowering women.

charly na Nina

charly na Nina

The singers have another concert today on 14 Feb 2017 in Central Africa at Stade de 20000 places. After the concert they will return to Rwanda in order to be prepared for forthcoming diverse concerts they have to perform in Europe.   

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