Butera Knowless reveals secret to avoid fatness after giving birth

Posted By: Rutayisire Patience - On:09/02/2017
After her First born baby with her husband, Producer Ishimwe Clement at the end of last year, Butera Knowless turns back to the music with potential as she has recently released new track Ujya unkumbura, and reveals why she kept her body size.

Speaking to Inyarwanda.com, she said that her new song Ujya unkumbura is hallmark that she gets back to the music industry.

‘’ I carefully composed this song because I was nostalgic for my fans, I received a lot of messages from my fans saying that they miss me, they would sometimes ask me if I missed them like they did?’’ She pointed out expressing the reason of the song.

‘’It was not a long time as it’s just 3 months went by, but for my fans was very long time, so that’s why I combined words in that song for everybody who misses his or her beloved one especially friends, Yeah.’’

Asked why her body size didn’t change Butera Knowless says,’’ I stopped oiled diet and sugar, and drinking much water helped me so much. ‘’

The female singer unveils the song after her coming back from London where she enjoyed vacation with her husband in the beginning of this year. They confirmed that they are going to get back into more music production than ever. Her last song before Ujye unkumbura is Ujumbe which she released in September, 2016, just a month after their marriage.

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