EXCLUSIVE: Katauti confirms his definite separation from Tanzanian actress Irene Uwoya (Oprah)

Posted By: UDAHOGORA Vanessa Peace - On:08/02/2017
Nkundimana Hamad Katauti, a Rwandan football player got married with Tanzanian popular actress Irene Uwoya (Oprah) on 11th July 2009 and their marriage made headlines in the east African region but Katauti confirmed to inyarwanda.com that they have called it quits.

In 2011, two years after their marriage, it was said that the couple was no longer at peace and so many stories accompanied, explaining different reasons behind their flaws in marriage. In spite of the allegations, both Katauti and Irene kept denying everything, insisting they were in a happy marriage.

In 2014 Irene Uwoya visited Katauti who was by the time Espoir FC’s defender. During that visit, Uwoya told inyarwanda.com that she was living in harmony with husband Katauti and does not know where people find negative stories about her marriage. She mentioned that only distance and the nature of their careers made them spend many days apart. She even praised Katauti to be an understanding husband.


Ndikumana Hamadi Katauti and Irene Uwoya got married in 2009

In an interview with our reporter, Katauti brought to light the real nature of his relationship with Irene Uwoya. He said that there was no marriage anymore but he would not tell the cause of their split which is soon resulting into legal divorce.

Katauti assumes Irene Uwoya would be the one to bring papers for him to sign the finalization of their divorce. However, Katauti will leave their kid to stay with the mom as he has not reached the legal age to stay with the dad.

Ndikumana Hamadi Katauti got married with Irene Uwoya back in 2009 when he was a famous talented football player, a defender in the Rwanda’s national football team, Amavubi. He says that he is trying to start over and move on with his life without Irene Uwoya famously known as Oprah.

EXCLUSIVE: Ikiganiro na Ndikumana Hamad Katauti watangaje ko iby’urugo rwe na Oprah babishyizeho akadomo

The two will keep in touch as Katauti thinks whatever happened between them does not make them enemies.



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