Habibah who humiliated Miss Rwanda 2017 judge apologizes

Posted By: UDAHOGORA Vanessa Peace - On:07/02/2017
Ingabire Habibah was a contestant in Miss Rwanda 2017 but did not pass during the auditions. She took her instagram to insult Rwabigwi Gilbert who has on the judging panel and gave her a no but now she retook her instagram to apologize for her insults.

She had posted a photo of herself and she captioned it  “Keep on smiling sweetheart habiba no matter what life gives to you. I know the best is yet to come, work hard and make him wonder why u still on smiling. He’s nothing but idiot, guilty, shame on u bad guy (RG) get in evil”

miss rwanda

After her message, she was criticized to be impolite and called a girl with no dignity who never deserved to be Miss Rwanda. Today, she posted another photo of herself which was captioned “This is dedicated to everyone who will read it, guys I’ve learned so much and sometimes sorry is not enough, u actually have to change. I shouldn’t hv to say those dirty words.”


Rwabigwi Gilbert who gave Habibah a 'no' in the auditions

She proceeded “I said that coz i was upset and that was the hardest moment that i ever had in ma whole life. Beside i take this time to ask forgiveness to everyone especially Rwabigwi. I said so much worse words and am really sorry for what I’ve done. Clearly i made a big mistake and I  won’t do that again. Rwabigwi forgive mi! Deep in ma heart I really mean it”


Habibah apologized to Rwabigwi


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