Kizito Mihigo releases a new song called, "Igisobanuro cy'urupfu" meaning, "death's meaning"-VIDEO

Posted By: Inyarwanda - On:05/03/2014
At the dawn of this Wednesday, 5th march 2014, the official Kizitos website (www.Kizitomihigo.com) released official Kizito mihigo's new song called "IGISOBANURO CY URUPFU" meaning, "DEATHS MEANING". As this artist had been told us in the beginning of this week, this song released out together with a document called "IGISOBANURO CY'AKABABARO".

This song is in classic rthym; it provides mainly religious faith message. This comes as the 9th composition related to Genocide. On his Facebook wall, there is a post saying

“Dear brothers, this Wednesday ashes and this lent that we start, let give us to have a gorgeous time of mourning in fourth coming days. That my new song IGISOBANURO CY’URUPFU that I prepared for my fans in order to be able to connect christian lent that we start today, and the time of mourning period that we are preparing to start next month. Once we are able to connect Jesus Christ’s affliction, the one who sacrified himself for us and after he resurected with distress, Rwandans will have a good mourning period. A good mourning period, is the mourning that illuminated by faith. As I have asked you in the past days however, before listening to this song IGISOBANURO CY’URUPFU, promise me to first read this document that I named: “IGISOBANURO CY’AKABABARO’’ meaning “AFFLICTION’S MEANING”. It is a short letter of love including my faith and my belief on affliction or attemptations that we face in our daily life on earth. This document “IGISOBANURO CY’AKABABARO” and also with another one called “ ICYAHA N’IMBABAZI Z’IMANA” meaning “ CRIME WITH THE MERCY OF GOD” that I delivered to you last time, are all about to give you a hint for a big book that I am preparing for you called “KWEMERA IMANA NYUMA YA JENOSIDE” meaning “BELIEVING GOD AFTER GENOCIDE”


Most of the pictures had taken at Kibeho, his birth place


One of the picture in IGISOBANURO CY'URUPFU video

kizito with a lot of inspiration

In this song, Kizito used music instrument known as Orgue

This video had been produced by producer Bernard Bagenzi. Most of the pictures in the videos had been taken at Kibeho, ruined and birth place of Kizito Mihigo.

Watch the video IGISOBANURO CY'URUPFU by Kizito


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