Rwanda, get ready for another TV Series from the creators of SEBURIKOKO (Promo)

Posted By: Tony Karera - On:03/06/2016
Afrifame Pictures, now in partnership with Sample Studios, are soon to bring to you public a brand new, promising TV series called City Maid

Seburikoko has created a fanfare among the local audience as the first story told to Rwandans, touching on the lives of Rwandan society in a realistic way.

Afrifame Pictures, the company behind the comedy show is in the kitchen cooking another drama TV Series to air on Rwanda Television soon, again telling a Rwandan story realistically but in another setting.

 City Maid will be the name of the show which will follow Nikuze (played by newcomer Laura Musanase; pictured above), a young village woman who comes to the city in search of a new and better life, which she projects in the future with kids; she was left behind in the village and starts to work as a maid.

“The TV Series will focus on the life of people in the city, also showcasing the beauty of Kigali. It will be different from Seburikoko in setting and plot, as Seburikoko focuses on the life of Village people.” This is the statement released by Afrifame Pictures.

Hailing from Seburikoko creator, the show will be coproduced by Samples Studios, a Kigali based post production studio which has been handling the post production of Seburikoko. The series' episode will be 26 minutes long, and both City Maid and Seburikoko will be aired on Rwanda Television, with the latter at the usual time. No date was yet fixed, but the soon to be aired brand new TV series will be aired on Rwanda Television in a near future.

Take a look here at the promo of the Show "City Maid"

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