The Best in Rwandan film industry awarded at Rwanda Movie Awards 2016-List of winners and pictures

Posted By: Mutiganda wa Nkunda - On:27/03/2016
In a Star studded show, the celebrated film actors and filmmakers who worked hard in front and behind the cameras in 2015 in local industry were awarded at Rwanda Movie Awards 2016 for its fifth edition which took place last night at Kigali Serena Hotel.

The Rwanda Television’s favorite drama, comedy, soap ‘Seburikoko’ and drama feature "Ari Nkawe" collected a nod of 4 trophies. The Best TV Series, Best Director for Jones Kennedy Mazimpaka, Best Soundman for Sengabo Ally Tresor and Best Cinematographer for Mustafa Habarurema are all Seburikoko collected at the night, while the fans heartthrob Gratien Niyitegeka who plays the title character and Antoinette Uwamahoro who plays Siperansiya, his hard working, decisive wife on the show snubbed despite their highest consideration for the trophies of Best actor and Best actress respectively. Gratien lost to Damour Selemani for his performance in Urukiko and Antoinette lost to Denise Gakire who plays the lead in Inkomoko y’ishyano.

The best film was named ‘Ari nkawe’ with a draw wins of 4 trophies; The Best film, Best lighting for Rebero films, Best supporting actor for Ibrahim Ntakirutimana and Best editor for Murego Yusuf.

The audience at Serena Hotel during the awards ceremony waiting to see who takes home the trophies

During his opening speech, the awards president, Mr. Jackson Mucyo revealed that this 5th edition will be the last for Rwanda Movie Awards as an award ceremony for only local filmmakers. Mucyo stressed that from the next (6th) edition, the award will be competed as an international award with locals competing with international talents.

Complete list of winners:

Best Child Actor/actress: Solange Uwizeye (Igikomere)

Best Short Movie: Bad Choice*

The director of the winning short movie passed away a few days ago.

Best Lighting: Rebero Films (Ari nkawe)

Best Editor: Murego Yusuf (Ari nkawe)

Best Documentary: Izingiro ry’amahoro

Best TV Series: Seburikoko

Best Actress: Denise Gakire (Inkomoko y’ishyano)

Best Director: Mazimpaka Jones Kennedy (Seburikoko)

Best Supporting Actress: Nadege Uwamwezi (Bazirunge)

People’s Choice Actor: Emmanuel ‘Manu’ Ndayizeye

Best Soundman: Sengabo Ally Tresor (Seburikoko)

Best Cinematographer: Habarurema Mustafa (Seburikoko)

Best Actor: Damour Selemani (Urukiko)

Best Actor in Action: Elie Nzabonimana (Package)

Best Story: Ubuhemu

People’s Choice Actress: Mutoni Assia*

Mutoni Assia won the back-to-back popular actress Award, as the Intare y’ingore actress won the same award last year.

Best Supporting Actor: Ibrahim Ntakirutimana (Ari nkawe)

Best Movie: Ari nkawe

Local film stars who were nominated for Actors and actresses in their categories

Ernest Kalisa who plays Rulinda in Seburikoko with Fabiola Mukasekuru, the main protagonist in 'Amarira y'urukundo', who won the Best actress in the past

The back-to-back Popular actress Mutoni Assia

Antoinette Uwamahoro with his screen husband Gratien Niyitegeka

Kayumba Vianney, the 'Amarira y'urukundo' actor popularly known as Manzi in the romantic drama

Nadege Uwamwezi, who later bagged the Best Supporting actress trophy

Damour Selemani emerged the Best actor for his performance in Urukiko

Tanzania's movie stars Vicent Kigosi along with his fellow actor at Serena Hotel last night

Seburikoko TV Series team celebrating the trophy of Best TV Series of the year

The Rwanda Film Federation president, Ismael Ntihabose acknowledged the hard work of every party playing in the local industry

Vicent Kigosi with award winners

The show which delayed for 2 hours due to poor time management within organizing team was broadcasted live on 2 TV stations; Azam TV and Royal TV saw many local and regional stars gathered at Serena Hotel celebrating the best in Rwandan film industry. Among many were Rwandan film stars, Miss Rwanda 2016, TZ movie star Vicent Kigosi.

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