A Rwandan Actress is battling with Vulva Cancer. She's calling for help to get $14,500 for treatment

Posted By: Inyarwanda - On:11/03/2016
She is known for "Star In Love", a romantic drama she played with Rwandan musicians Platini and TMC of the Dream Boys Group, "Bayi Bayi Anita" alongside the Rwandan Radio personality and comedian Bisangwa Ben Nganji, Dorcy Rugamba's recent film, among others.

Sandrine Mukundwa, 25, was diagnosed with Vulvar Cancer known as Warty (Condylomatous) Carcinoma of the Vulva, and the cancer has grown to the Stage 2.

In all local Hospitals, the doctors have left no stone unturned to treat her but failed to later recommend her to go to India for special cancer treatment. It is in this line that she needs help with finding the money required for her treatment, which values in US $14500 (approx. Rwf11m).

Star In Love and Bye Bye Anita, Two films Sandrine played in.

Frail and feeble, Sandrine told Inyarwanda.com’s reporter that she began to feel bad since 6 months ago but unbeknownst of the condition.

“Unbeknownst of this condition, I’ve gone through various medical checkups and operations in various Rwandan hospitals, until I got transferred at Busoro Hospital where they diagnosed it as a cancer and told me there is nothing they can do, unless I go to India. Until now, they – doctors – told me that the cancer is at the level of my vagina but will soon spread to the other reproductive parts.” Sandrine told the reporter.

The film star stated that the Indian Hospital that talked to her told her that it will cost her $14500 to get treated (excluding flight and stay costs).

Sandrine poses with Ugandan Socialite Judith Heard during Dorcy Rugamba's film "Umuganga" shooting

Sandrine Umukundwa, Before and After

Sandrine said that her basket is empty, thus is asking for help. For now, various personalities in Rwanda are doing the possible to raise the funds for Sandrine to go to India as soon as possible. If you want to donate, Please you can use any money transfer system, local or international for the needy Sandrine Umukundwa. You can reach her on (+250)788772729 and (+250)788534174. Or you can make a deposit to her Bank Account Number 000-430-69836-229 which is in Bank of Kigali, as much as you can - no dime is left behind.

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