Mashariki unveils its official selection for the film festival’s second edition

Posted By: Mutiganda wa Nkunda - On:16/02/2016
To take place in the next month from 6th to 12th for its second edition in Kigali, Mashariki African Film Festival has released its lineup of films selected to screen at the festival.

The totality of 42 film including Seven feature narratives, Four documentaries and  31 Short films from across the continent – as the Festival focuses on the films directed by African directors living in Africa or African Diaspora – are lined up to screen during the week of festival’s run.

Twelve Rwandan Short films will compete for Best Short Film, The only one competitive category as it was pointed out in the festival’s submission rules and regulation and other films will ONLY be screened.

Click here to Read the full lineup.

Mashariki African Film Festival will take place in Kigali from 6 to 12 March, 2016 for its second edition under the Theme “Cinema Unites Africa”. Under this Theme, this second edition will offer a retrospective on Mauritanian film director Abderrahmane Sissako’s masterpieces. Thus, his two feature films will be screened: Bamako (2006) and Timbuktu (2014), with the latter, being the opening film.

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