Rwanda Next inspires Youth to follow their Dreams

Posted By: Mutiganda wa Nkunda - On:03/02/2016
"Rwanda has a lot of young talents that need to be nurtured. We are the generation that needs to re-write our story in a more positive way using visuals, design, music, words and more." - Dely Gisagara.

Seka Designs is an up-and-coming fashion label by Dely Gisaraga. Her designs and t-shirts have been worn by different public figures like US based Rwandan singers The Ben and Meddy, Poet Angel Uwamahoro, and Jackson Mv'unganyi (has his own show at VOA called UpFront Africa) among others.

Seka (Kinyarwanda word meaning 'Smile' in English) Designs first launched t-shirts for the 2014 Kwibuka that were worn by numerous young people. It was a way to give young Rwandans a voice and a way of healing in a creative way. When The Ben performed at the UN during 20th Genocide Commemoration Events, he was wearing a Seka t-shirt along with his guitarist.

Dely Gisagara, founder of Seka Design

Dely Gisagara, founder of Seka Design

The label has been making custom made designs from dashikis to full outfits. Her concept is to mix African fabric with other fabrics around the world. She aims at making one of kind pieces that are unique and only a few at a time. Meddy has worn a custom dashiki shirt in Ntacyo Nzaba Music Video.

“Basically, Rwanda Next is a new platform that was created to inspire other young Rwandans in pursuing whatever it is they desire.” articulates Dely. “For a longtime, parents used to tell their kids to only study Maths or Biology but not everyone is born or gifted to do that. So by highlighting other young people who are already establishing their dreams, I hope it will help them and parents can also see the advantages of that.” adds Dely.

Watch the video featuring Dely about her dream project of Seka Designs

Rwanda Next has partnered with other young people to inspire others to pursue their dreams. Among there is Shax, the videographer who always has been interested in the entertainment industry. He is a member of SO Afrika Entertainment and currently Ju's manager. Ju is a Rwandan rapper based in Florida, US who raps in French. Shax was involved in shooting of Cassa's video (Ndakwikundira) which is a smash hit, Ju's video (Don't give A by 101 Ent.) and Intashyo by Provocative Ent.

Allan Manzi is also one of Rwanda Next’s partners. He is a film director who has always been interested in the film industry and fell in love with directing. He currently works on the production team of NBC's highly popular shows: The Maury Show, Jerry Springer, and Crazy Talk. He directed Intashyo video which was a smashing success. He recently traveled to Uganda to work on a personal project. You can find more projects he has worked on at vimeo.com/allamanzi

As for now, Rwanda next recently launched the blog and the first person that was featured on it is Dely with her other dreams of becoming a designer under the label "Seka Designs". To order a custom design, you can emailsekawear@gmail.com and also you can browse to rwandanext.com and/or follow Rwanda Next on instagram @rdanext 

From Top-Down: Meddy, The Ben, Angel and Jackson have all weared Seka Designs outfits

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