Airtel Rwanda offers priority pass to its premier customers

Posted By: Denise IRANZI - On:30/01/2015
Airtel Rwanda has announced a priority pass offering for its premier customers in a continued effort to offer high class service delivery. Airtel Rwanda premier customers are now set to enjoy priority passes in over 700 airport lounges in 400 cities in 120 countries across the world.

Priority pass is the world’s largest independent airport lounge access program allowing customers to access a variety of airport lounges across the world through subscription. Airtel Rwanda will stipend the annual subscription for its customers allowing them an opportunity to get away from the crowd and access an oasis of calm in airport lounges that offer a variety of services that will enhance their journey wherever they may be travelling in the world.


One of the customers receives his priority pass card from Mr. Bhullar

Making the announcement of the priority pass offering, Airtel Rwanda Managing Director, Mr. Teddy Bhullar said, “Airtel is giving its premier customers a worldwide experience of executive services and we want our customers to feel at home everywhere they go. With the priority pass, our customers will no longer have to worry about the airport hustle and long queues. They will be treated to great services in 400 cities across the world.”

The Priority Pass program includes a range of exclusive services such as; unlimited access to airport VIP lounges on an annual basis irrespective of class of travel or choice of airline flown, access to over 700 lounges in over 400 cities in 120 countries with the priority pass membership card, business facilities including phones, email, internet, Wi-Fi, fax machines, and even conference facilities in some lounges, complimentary refreshments, no need to pre-book or reserve lounge space and full access to the most up-to-date lounge information via the priority pass website, mobile apps and SMS.


Bhullar and Nyirubutama unveil the priority pass card to customers

Rwandair Deputy CEO, Mr. Jean Paul Nyirubutama said, “The introduction of the Priority Pass offering by Airtel to its customers shows the massive steps that airtel is taking to build a better customer care environment for its customers as they travel the world and as the national carrier, we are happy to see such developments as it’s a win for us as well.”

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