Airtel Rwanda Unveils App store in Rwanda

Posted By: Denise IRANZI - On:18/12/2014
Airtel Rwanda today unveiled the airtel app store in Rwandato support local content developers monetize their content and to allow its customers to download free or premium apps from http://apps.rw.airtellive.com/

Speaking on the new initiative, Airtel Rwanda Managing Director, Mr. Teddy Bhullar said, “We want to bring locallyrelevant mobile applications to our customers and alsocontinue to drive local application developmentby empowering talentedappsdevelopers in Rwanda. We are happy to announce that this is now live and that customers can enjoy using the Airtel App Store.”

He added, “Localized content combined with our fastest internet connection in Rwanda brings a unique opportunity for local and international developers and content providers to monetize their content through Airtel Apps Store which enables Airtel customers to purchase the apps using their airtime at affordable rates.”

The Airtel appsstore consists of free and premium applications, and it is available for all phones using Android, Blackberry, Java, Symbian, and Windows.In addition to being able to buy the applications, customers can also- browse, preview, rate, report, comment, recommend, blog, download and gift apps.

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