Airtel Rwanda celebrates Christmas with Children

Posted By: Denise IRANZI - On:15/12/2014
Christmas is known as a season of gifts, giving and enriching lives. People feel a greater urge to give back to the community during this period. In the same giving spirit, airtel Rwanda held a Christmas party for children at the Kigali University Teaching Hospital.

Hosted by Prof. Muganga Narcisse, who represented the hospital staff, the party was meant to bring out the Christmas joy in the kids. At the colourful and fun filled event, airtel Rwanda staff members treated the children to a festive experience they would remember for times to come.


Airtel stuff serving the kids

 The airtel staff served food, danced, sang Christmas Carols, played games and gave out Christmas gifts to the little ones. Some of the gifts the children were given included school starter packs in form of scholastic materials.


Airtel Rwanda  CSR & Corporate Communications manager Denise Umunyana handing out gifts to the children

Asked about why airtel Rwanda had chosen to hold a Christmas party for the children, CSR & Corporate Communications manager Denise Umunyana said “Christmas is a period of giving back and sharing with one another and it is this time when we try to bring joy into each other’s lives by hosting them to a party such as this. Airtel Rwanda wants to celebrate Christmas with everyone. We want Rwandans to have the best.


Airtel Rwanda  CSR & Corporate Communications manager Denise Umunyana dancing with the children at the Airtel Rwanda Children Xmas Party at CHUK


Airtel Rwanda  CSR & Corporate Communications manager Denise Umunyana receives a certificate of appreciation from Prof. Mugannga Narcisse, who represented CHUK's doctors

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