sycophantic gifts by Minimex in Melody Bruce's Album launch concert

Posted By: Inyarwanda - On:11/03/2014
Minimex, a maize flour industry provided astounding maize flour offerings to Melody Bruce;s fans in his album launch concert.

Minimex, as one of the main sponsors of “ NDUMIWE” Album launch Concert of Melody, was backed by its products in this concert. At the entrance of Serena hotel, there were many packs of Minimex maize flour and the ladies to explain its flourishness.

Its flourishness had been testified by some artists who performed at the concert such as Uncle Austin, Melody Bruce and his band.

Uncle Austin quoted in the concert saying the best of Minimex maize flour. “ Minimex’s maize flour is adamantly a fresh maize flour that keeps the well being of its consumers” said Uncle Austin

Towards the end of the concert, many people had been able to get this maize flour in form of gifts; and many commited to be Minimex clients.

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