Riha Payment System Secures first ever testing approval by BNR

Posted By: Editor - On:09/10/2018
After a successful unveiling last year, Riha Payment System has secured a six-month testing approval of their innovative Mobile Wallet solution (Riha Mobile Wallet).The approval is under the new National Bank of Rwanda sandbox regulatory framework.

Riha Payment System Ltd is the first company in Rwanda to be granted such permission. The sandbox regulatory framework was put in place to allow testing of innovative payment products to fast-track the rollout of theRwanda cashless economy.

Rihasolution is a lifestyle consumer and merchant/retailer engagement platform that combines seamless payments and rewards all in one.For consumers, it’s a single destination wallet for all their transaction accounts to seamlessly pay, transfer funds, and collect loyalty & rewards from their preferred merchants or brands. 


Riha Mobile Wallet is all about the value addition

The wallet also allows consumers to manage personal finances through a series of machine learning algorithm which help them spend smarter. For Retailers, it’s a future proofof paymentacceptance platform with the abilityto create a truly personal buying experience for the consumer. Withthe Wallet, merchants can identify, understand and engage with customers while building relationships that drive value.

Riha Mobile Wallet is all about the value additionthat mobile technology can unlock across the payment and retail spectrum.

A select group of users will be able to download and use our System starting November 2018 and an official public launch is scheduled forfirst quarter of 2019 after the official License has been issued.

To sign up for beta testing please email us at info@riha.rw




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