Afrifame Pictures cut down cost by 50% for Covering Events

Posted By: Patience Rutayisire - On:28/11/2017
Afrifame Pictures has so far become best ever in producing excellent photos and video quality. It is unbelievable how it has cut down cost by 50% for its products in terms of customization as a gift to help its clients enjoy the taste of Christmas Eve and Happy New Year Celebration.

Due to fascinating and impeccable cooperation with its customers within this year, the company managerial staff were seated to decide the best presents for its adorable cliental  companies already embarked on organizing parties for their employees and families.  None is pushed back to come for the company because it has also created a beat for adverts of diverse formats that include TVC, jingles among others.


Afrifame picrures is specialized   in photography and filming with modern professional approaches thanks to qualified professionals but also highest quality equipment’s.  The company is up to covering all events that is why you don’t  need to hesitate to  come  and secure your comfortable reservation as long as you have graduation ceremony, wedding, birthday party,  photographing people on their own and the like.

If interested, address is very easy to know because you can find the company in the Kigali city, at La Bonne Addresse House, 2nd floor, near UTC building.


Afrifame is making difference in all its service as when it comes to customer care many clients never wish to go back home because they are treated like kings and queens  in their palace. Feel free to send e-mail at: booking@afrifamepicture.com, for if you want to secure your comfortable spot. You can also contact: 0788304594  or Like a facebook page, follow them on instagram as afrifame pictures or visit : www.afrifamepictures.com  



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