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600 students graduate with more triumph at IPRC-Kigali

Up to 660 students yesterday graduated from the Integrated Polytechnic Regional Centre (IPRC-Kigali).
Rwandan News | Mar 10th, 14:19

Meet Marie Mwiza Ninja, a Rwandan girl who is internationally acclaimed dance performer

Marie Camille Elizabeth Ndutiye Mwiza also known as Marie Ninja is a dual French-Rwandan girl, who is now among the top rated dancers on the planet. Nowadays she is in Rwanda for variety of purposes including family visit and professional reasons as she confirmed in interview with
Rwandan News | Oct 28th 2014, 13:26

Makanyaga Abdoul spreads Awareness on Solar through his Music

During a chat with one of Rwandas famous local artists, Makanyaga Abdoul, he went down memory lane retelling the story of how growing up, if a family didnt have enough money to buy kerosene for the day; they would go without any light. Worst case is, when they did get it, they would wake up with so much soot in their nose to say the least.
Rwandan News | Sep 26th 2014, 16:51

Miss Rwanda 2014 Colombe Akiwacu invited to New York by UN secretary Ban Ki Moon

Its all due to her environmentalism that Miss Rwanda 2014 Colombe Akiwacu was graced an invitation direct from UN secretary Ban Ki-moon, on the occasion to attend the conference which is due in New York at UN Headquarters for environment protection.
Rwandan News | Sep 20th 2014, 15:31

"When you want something you work hard until you get it", - Miss Akineza Carmen

Carmen Akineza aged 22 after having crowned as Miss Kigali city for Miss Rwanda 2014, on Saturday Feb /8/2014, at the petit stade, provides a message that When you want something you struggle until you get it.
Rwandan News | Feb 10th 2014, 19:01

"Rwandan women have the potential to transform everything into prosperous state", said- Paccy

Oda Uzamberumwana , aka paccy rapper singer, known in songs such as Uwo ninde, Mbese nzapfa, Miss President and among others, says Rwandan women have the potential of developing themselves, she encourages them to not miss use their chances and their potentials to develop themselves.
Rwandan News | Feb 10th 2014, 15:23

"Christopher's dream has come true" says producer Clement

Christopher Muneza R $B singer is going to launch his first album titled "Habona" on February 15 /2014 at Kigali Serena Hotel. Producer Clement Ishimwe from Kina music studio emphasized that Christopher's dream in music has come true.
Rwandan News | Feb 10th 2014, 12:01

Carmen Akinesa crowned as Miss Kigali city 2014

Carmen Akinesa crowned as Miss Kigali city in Miss Rwanda 2014 tournament, the ceremony for the selection took place this Saturday 8/2/2014 at Petit stade Remera.
Rwandan News | Feb 10th 2014, 07:35

Danny and Dj Zizou accused of gambling Rwf 200,000 from a business man

Nyundo, a trader from Biryongo accuses the Upcoming rapper Danny Ntakirutimana, aka Danny Nanone and Dj zizou for having refused to pay his money after having lent them Clothes in 2013, up to now they have failed to pay him.
Rwandan News | Feb 8th 2014, 16:53

Know more about life in one of Kigali city suburb Nyarutarama - "Bannyahe"

Residents of Nyarutarama, Remera sector, Gasabo district are not happy with the name of their living place known as Bannyahe.(Where to defecate).
Rwandan News | Feb 7th 2014, 18:36

Uncle Austin to air out what happened to him after having detained

Uncle Austin, known in songs such as "Turi umuyaga, Ibihe byose and Nzakwizirikaho among others", after having been detained, now he is going to air out what happened to him when he was in the jail.
Rwandan News | Feb 7th 2014, 16:23

Miss Rwanda pre-selection comes to Kigali

AFTER weeks of navigating the countryside in search for the finalists for the Miss Rwanda 2014 beauty pageant, the search has now moved to Kigali.
Rwandan News | Feb 7th 2014, 14:53

Disability is not inability; Patrick Mbarushimana, a University student

Patrick Mbarushimana known as Puzzle aged 23, is a first year student at CBE former SFB, despite the fact that he has no hands, this has not stopped him from reaching on his dreams. He can do sports, sing and other developmental work like all human beings.
Rwandan News | Feb 6th 2014, 17:31

"We had no hope but God made it, so there is no need of undermining us", -Fireman

After having released his new song" ITANGISHAKA" which he named for his recent album, Fireman and his fellow artistes from Tuff Gang, they have revealed out that their music is progressing.
Rwandan News | Feb 6th 2014, 14:57

"I am not happy with people who spoil my name, that I tells lies,"-Mani Martin

It has been proved that there are some people in the country who use the names of Mani Martin, to advertise their concerts without his, concern and he is not happy with it.
Rwandan News | Feb 6th 2014, 13:23

"I do not plan concerts in Kigali yet, apart from up- country,"says Dominic Nic

Rwandan gospel artiste Dominic Nic says, that he has no concerts to perform in Kigali this year apart from up-countries.
Rwandan News | Feb 6th 2014, 08:28

"We are the only popular artists in Rwanda", says Jay Polly&Senderi

Senderi known as International Hit and his friend Jay Polly, they proved themselves to be the only popular artists in Rwanda and they claim to have proofs.
Rwandan News | Feb 5th 2014, 15:45

Bull Dogg left an amazing story in Musaze district

It looks to be amazing but it is true story, this happened last week in Musanze district when Bull Dogg abused Rwandan rappers for being idiotic, he said this while singing during the album launch of Fireman (Itangishaka) in Musanze district.
Rwandan News | Feb 5th 2014, 11:43

There is no need to blame Primus Guma Guma competition

Every time one does something without a plan cant progress in his or her work, in 2011 for the first time in Rwanda, Primus Guma Guma super star competition started with ten artists, King James, Riderman, Tom Close, Rafiki, Mani Martin, Faycal(Kode), Urban boyz, Dream Boyz, Dr Claude and Jay Polly.
Rwandan News | Feb 4th 2014, 17:34

Athanase Sentore is going to be commemorated for the 2nd time

For the 2nd time Athanase Sentore is going to be commemorated, the ceremony is under the organization of Gakondo Group.
Rwandan News | Feb 4th 2014, 17:08