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A Best-Selling Author Explains How He Got a Flesh-Eating Disease in the Honduran Jungle

As the Sun set over his campsite one evening, author Douglas Preston silently congratulated himself on still being alive.
Other News | Mar 7th 2017, 17:09

10 foods that contain no calories… you will definitely need them if you are trying to slim down

If you are trying to watch your weight, its really important you pay enough attention to what you eat. When you eat foods with almost zero calories, you end up burning more calories by chewing and digesting them than youll consume.
Other News | Mar 2nd 2017, 15:11

Swedish Politician Wants People To Take Sex Breaks From Work

And he wants them to get paid for doing it. A Councillor for the town of vertorne wants Swedes in his town to take a one-hour paid break from work to go home and have sex, according to Swedish paper, The Local.
Other News | Feb 28th 2017, 20:53

Rambling and Vague Speech Could Be an Early Sign of Mental Decline

New research suggests that rambling and non-specific speech could be early signs of Alzheimer's disease or dementia.
Other News | Feb 28th 2017, 19:58

11 signs you are a terrible leader

Being in a leadership position doesnt in any way make you a good leader. There are so many people who occupy leadership positions but keep displaying poor leadership traits, and that makes them terrible leaders.
Other News | Feb 24th 2017, 12:12

7 new Earth-like exoplanets discovered, NASA announces

Talk about lucky number seven. Astronomers have discovered not one, not two, but seven Earth-sized planets orbiting a star called TRAPPIST-1.
Other News | Feb 24th 2017, 11:16

ODD LOVE: 7 Things men oddly find irresistible about women

Humans are different in the ways they perceive and appreciate things. What one person finds unacceptable and disgusting, another may find perfect. This reality plays out in all areas of human living, including our love lives.
Other News | Feb 23rd 2017, 17:22

Foods that you need when on your period

A lot of the time, what most people teach a girl while growing up is how to take care of herself and her personal hygiene when shes on her period. In as much as this is very important, much emphasis should also be placed on her diet.
Other News | Feb 22nd 2017, 16:52

You're a Completely Different Person at 14 and 77 Years Old, Personality Study Suggests

For those struggling to shake the memories of some awkward teenage years, take heart, because it looks like your body isn't the only thing to undergo massive changes through adulthood - your personality can shift dramatically too.
Other News | Feb 22nd 2017, 12:31

Today is B.P day to all the Scouts of the world: Baden Powell’s biography

Lord Baden Powell (1857-1941) was a British general and founder of the modern Scouting movement.
Other News | Feb 22nd 2017, 09:23

Boy, 17, wakes up on the way to his own FUNERAL in India after family assumed lethal dog bite had killed him

Kumar Marewad was bitten by a stray dog last month and was taken to hospital. Condition worsened last week and relatives were told his chances were bleak. They took him off life support and the teenager stopped breathing and moving, relatives thought he was dead, only for him to wake up on the way to the funeral.
Other News | Feb 21st 2017, 10:12

11 health benefits of eating pineapples

There are lots of benefits you can get from eating pineapples regularly. Check them out below.
Other News | Feb 20th 2017, 18:45

Adolf Hitler's phone sells for more than $240,000

Nazi leader's personal telephone, found in a Berlin bunker in 1945, was bought by an anonymous bidder at US auction.
Other News | Feb 20th 2017, 17:21

Indian Vice President salutes the resilience and courage of Rwandans at Kigali Genocide Memorial

The Vice President of India, H.E. Shri M Hamid Ansari, has praised Rwandans for their resilience and courage while paying homage to the more than one million Rwandans killed in the Genocide against the Tutsi.
Other News | Feb 20th 2017, 16:49


Have you ever wondered why women cry on their wedding day or why we generally cry when we are happy? It has always been called tears of joy but why do the tears flow when we are supposed to be happy? This question seems to have been answered by Psychologists at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.
Other News | Feb 16th 2017, 17:20

Ernst & Young Removes Degree Classification From Entry Criteria As There’s ‘No Evidence’ University Equals Success

Ernst Young, one of the UKs biggest graduate recruiters, has announced it will be removing the degree classification from its entry criteria, saying there is no evidence success at university correlates with achievement in later life.
Other News | Feb 16th 2017, 12:41

The haunting experience of a young Rwandese girl’s miscarriage

Getting pregnant when you are not yet married is considered by so many Africans as dishonor to the family. In Rwanda, so many parents also feel much better when a girl gets pregnant in marriage.
Other News | Feb 10th 2017, 19:12

Mutoni Jane’s Trip to Miss Global Heritage competition 2017 delayed

Miss heritage 2016, Mutoni Jane postponed her trip to Johannesburg where she is supposed to represent Rwanda in Miss Global heritage competition that will happen on 8 February 2017.
Other News | Feb 10th 2017, 15:46

Kigali International Airport ranked second-best in Africa

KIGALI International Airport has been ranked second-best airport in Africa and best in East Africa by a reputable Canadian travel and hospitality firm, Sleeping Airports.
Other News | Feb 10th 2017, 15:16

For the first time Kitenge Dress Code Dinner concert will open in Kigali

The annual concert was organized by The Business Mag led by Aimable Ngendahayo and will take place at Car free zone, Kigali city on 18 February 2017 at 5 pm. It aims at promoting products made in Rwanda especially in fashion.
Other News | Feb 10th 2017, 12:16

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 An Omani
An Omani travelling the world on a motorbike without his country support mentioned that Rwanda is the beautiful country in Africa-VIDEO
As so many people are doing various things to break the Guinness De Record, an Omani man named Maher Al-Barwani decided to travel the entire world by using his motorbike. The sad thing is that his country, Oman is not helping him through.
SpecialCoverage | Dec 27th 2017, 16:48

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