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Ants armies use human-style battlefield medicine and treat each others' open wounds - new study

Ant armies employ a system of battlefield evacuation and emergency medicine similar to that used by humans, researchers have discovered.
Other News | Feb 16th, 13:20

You Can Cure Newborn’s Hiccups, Here is how

How to get rid of baby hiccups
Other News | Feb 7th, 12:34

Science:Toys hinder children's creativity

It is what parents have suspected all along. Children who have too many toys are more easily distracted, and do not enjoy quality playtime, a new study suggests.
Other News | Dec 6th 2017, 12:54

Alice Hoists Rwandan Flag high as Best African Researcher on Cancer

The Rwandese female finished 4th amongst the best African researchers about cancer in the summit that took place at Mauritius island. She is the only Easter African to be awarded in this year.
Other News | Dec 4th 2017, 18:47

Science: Women advised to sleep on side to help prevent stillbirth

Women are being advised to sleep on their side in the last three months of pregnancy to help prevent stillbirth.
Other News | Nov 22nd 2017, 12:05

Tips To Make Your Mornings More Awesome

After working all day, and staying up till late at night, hearing the sound of your alarm in the morning is the worst thing. Mornings are torturous, especially when you didnt get enough sleep the night before. Here are a few handy tips to make your mornings so awesome!
Other News | Nov 6th 2017, 15:37

Must know facts that someone is not interested in you

You have that deep love for someone, be it a friend, or a lover but you are not definitely sure if they really, care or love you back the way you do or if at least they are not interested in you.
Other News | Nov 1st 2017, 14:42

Why Eating Dog-meat will never stop in China

Every year during the summer solstice, a dog-eating festival takes place in Yulin, a city in the southern Chinese province of Guangxi.
Other News | Oct 31st 2017, 15:28

TV5 Africa Celebrates 25 years of Anniversary in Style

The Minister of foreign affairs in Rwanda, Louise Mushikiwabo attended TV5 Africa ceremony marking 25 years of anniversary since it came into existence. The event came about yesterday at the Kigali Convention Center.
Other News | Oct 31st 2017, 13:38

Things People Who Are Absolutely In Love With Books Will Understand

The best thing about books is that they can transport you to an alternate reality.
Other News | Oct 26th 2017, 20:23

Less exposure to nature strangles children's learning ability

More and more children today have less and less contact with the natural world. And this is having a huge impact on their health, growth and development. This is mostly the case for children dwelling in urban areas, largely due to growing uptake of technology that pushes them to prefer TV screens and other electronic gadgets to outdoor stimuli.
Other News | Oct 25th 2017, 12:45

Why men develop Breast cancer- Here is detail

Whenever one talks about breast cancer, it is presumed to be a woman affected. But it also affects men is a lesser known fact among lay people. In U.K. about 350 men are diagnosed with breast cancer as against 50,000 women. This shows that though rare but it does exist.
Other News | Oct 24th 2017, 10:16

Why does wearing socks-less shoes matter?

There is a particular type of person that wears shoes without socks. There is understandable reason bringing this point to the table as those kind of people are more likely to exposed to danger.
Other News | Oct 18th 2017, 14:03

Why Unborn babies need fun interactive care from parents

When youre pregnant, it can seem odd to know you have a person growing inside you, but not be able to see or feel your baby all the time.
Other News | Oct 15th 2017, 13:32

Why does really health aging matter? Scientists explain why the elders need special care

Living into old age is a dream that many hold. However, it is one thing that comes with a number of hitches that range from unrelenting illnesses to constant dependence; old age is indeed a period that comes with a set of challenges.
Other News | Oct 13th 2017, 13:09

Kigali Marriott Hotel clinches two awards at The World Travel Awards, Africa

Kigali Marriott Hotel was recognized as Rwanda’s Leading Business Hotel and Rwanda’s Leading City Hotel at the prestigious World Travel Awards, Africa 2017.
Business News | Oct 12th 2017, 17:36

Archaeologists dig up ancient king’s artifact in Karongi

A team of archaeologists are excavating a place believed to have been palace for former Rwandan kings in Karongi District in search of artifact that can help tell the countrys history.
Other News | Oct 11th 2017, 13:52

AviaDev Africa gets ready to welcome senior aviation leaders

Aviadev will welcome senior leaders in the field of African aviation for the second edition of the conference in Kigali.
Other News | Oct 10th 2017, 17:32

World Travel Awards arrives in Rwanda

World Travel Awards (WTA) has touched down in Rwanda ahead of its Africa Gala Ceremony 2017.
Other News | Oct 10th 2017, 17:20

Chronic Shortfall in Supply of Hotels across Africa

The annual Chain Hotel Pipeline study by W Hospitality Group provides an in-depth insight into the hotel development market across the continent, with the majority of upcoming new supply this year being in sub-Saharan Africa (59% of rooms in the development pipeline).
Other News | Oct 10th 2017, 16:37

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 An Omani
An Omani travelling the world on a motorbike without his country support mentioned that Rwanda is the beautiful country in Africa-VIDEO
As so many people are doing various things to break the Guinness De Record, an Omani man named Maher Al-Barwani decided to travel the entire world by using his motorbike. The sad thing is that his country, Oman is not helping him through.
SpecialCoverage | Dec 27th 2017, 16:48

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