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Davos World Economic Forum: “Africans need a sense of urgency to do the things that have not been done” President Kagame

Davos, 18 January 2017, On his second day at the World Economic Forum in Davos, President Kagame featured on a panel alongside Oluyemi Osinbajo, Vice President of Nigeria, Phuthuma Nhleko, Executive Chairman, MTN Group and Siyabonga Gama of Transnet.
Other News | Jan 19th, 17:06

Kigali : IPRC student suspected of possessing 39 fake stamps and other items

Rwanda National Police has arrested Tuyishimire Bernard for owning 39 fake stamps in Kicukiro District. Bernard is a student at the Integrated Polytechnic Regional Centre (IPRC).
Other News | Jan 19th, 15:55

Schizophrenia could be linked to type 2 diabetes, study finds

People with schizophrenia tend to die up to 30 years earlier than the general population. Many of these untimely deaths are due to physical disorders, including heart attacks and stroke, for which diabetes is a major risk factor.
Other News | Jan 17th, 18:31

Kigali: Prophet Sultan dreams of buying a private jet and having his own TV station

This is a man who surprised the country with unusual preaching and his claims that confessing to God is itself a sin as the Christ died for mankind sins, for people of his time and of all the proceeding generations till the end of times. He now says that he dreams of having a private jet and start his own TV Station.
Other News | Jan 13th, 19:18

British man, 20, will be the first to give BIRTH thanks to sperm donor he found on Facebook

Proud Hayden Cross becomes the first British man to reveal: "I'm pregnant". Born a girl 20 years ago, is legally male and has begun hormone treatment but he put his transition on hold to have a baby with donor sperm.
Other News | Jan 10th, 16:35

Zimbabwe sends female footballers to Brazil to be impregnated by soccer legends

Brazilian media reports that the sporting relationship between Zimbabwe and Brazil has gone a notch higher. This is after Zimbabwean female footballers agreed to sire a footballing generation with Brazilian retired soccer legends.
Other News | Jan 3rd, 17:28

Some 5 important lessons that can show you he’s just not that into you

This is for the beautiful women out there 2017 is a year where no woman should cry over a man or just waste time in a relationship that leads to nowhere! Here we go!
Other News | Jan 3rd, 10:40

Here's how often you should wash your bath towel

It's not as clean and fresh as you think it is. The moment you use it, it becomes a breeding ground of bacteria; fungi; dead skin cells; salivary, anal and urinary secretions; and many other germs lingering in your bathroom that may have hopped onto your towel including droplets from your toilet.
Other News | Jan 3rd, 09:54

Boy, 6, is locked on a freezing balcony because he ate Christmas leftovers without permission

The boy was punished for eating Christmas left overs on Boxing Day morning. Officials claimed the child was left outside from 5am until 8pm on Monday. His twin sister, police said, was also taken to hospital as she was malnourished. Their mother and their step-father are both facing charges of child torture
Other News | Dec 30th 2016, 13:35

It's official: We finally have an Ebola vaccine that's up to 100% effective

Researchers have developed an Ebola vaccine which provides 100 percent protection against one particularly dangerous strain of the disease, based on final field tests on thousands of people in West Africa.
Other News | Dec 29th 2016, 06:51

Sorry everyone, 2016 will have an extra second added to the end of it

For most of us, 2016 has been a crap pile of a year that just won't end. Many of our favourite celebrities and scientists have passed away, the planet is warmer than ever before, and now, to drag things out, scientists will be adding an extra second onto New Year's Eve.
Other News | Dec 29th 2016, 06:44

You will soon be able to edit and delete your WhatsApp messages after you've sent them

WhatsApp is the biggest messaging app in the world with over a billion users. Reports suggest the app is trialling the update in its iOS beta software. The Facebook-owned firm has not yet officially confirmed the new features.
Other News | Dec 22nd 2016, 09:41

A school in India is asking parents to plant a tree instead of paying fees

To encourage all students to get an education, even if their parents can't afford it, a primary school in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh is asking parents to simply plant a tree sapling instead of paying school fees.
Other News | Dec 21st 2016, 15:32

Pregnancy changes a woman's brain structure for at least 2 years after giving birth

It's not just your body that's changing. A first-of-its-kind study has shown that being pregnant creates long-lasting effects in a mother's brain, with MRI scans showing changes in grey matter volume that may actually help mums look after their new babies.
Other News | Dec 20th 2016, 17:15

This is why women are having bigger breasts

The breasts of women are getting bigger than it was in years past and the introduction of L-cup bras for women large breasts is another evidence of modern women having bigger breasts. So what could really be the cause?
Other News | Dec 15th 2016, 13:35


If you want to get more out of life, there are certain things you need to accomplish before you turn 30. Check them out below:
Other News | Dec 9th 2016, 17:38

Moroccan friendship with Rwanda being boosted economically through Bank of Africa

This Friday, December 9, 2016, Bank of Africa Group officially inaugurated its new Rwandan subsidiary, this comes shortly after King Mohammed VI of Morocco visited Rwanda, this was also after president Paul Kagame of Rwanda visited Morocco back in June and both visits resulted into big financial partnerships.
Other News | Dec 9th 2016, 16:41

Donald Trump named as Time magazine's person of the year

US president-elect joins Obama, Hitler and Stalin on list of people deemed most influential for better or for worse. In a fitting end to a year in which he dominated TV screens and front pages, Donald Trump has been named Times person of the year.
Other News | Dec 8th 2016, 13:00

A first-of-its-kind HIV vaccine will move to phase II trials in 2017

A brand new type of HIV vaccine will move onto phase II clinical trials in 2017, after phase I trials showed that it was safe to use in humans. The potential new vaccine will be tested on 600 people in North America, to see how well it can prevent them from getting the virus.
Other News | Dec 7th 2016, 10:04