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Ambassadors of Christ Choir to minister in USA

The Ambassadors of Christ Choir will be traveling to minister in the United States of America on August 1st 2018.
Gospel News | Jul 17th, 13:31

Ambassadors of Christ Songbird, Sarah Makes a Colorful Bridal Shower in Style

The Ambassadors of Christ choir songbird, Sarah Sanyu Uwera surprised with friends in a colorful bridal shower.
Gospel News | Jul 6th, 15:02

Rwanda Christian Convention Leaves Nostalgic Moments In Canada

For the first time, the Rwanda Christian Convention has left memorable moments that you will by no means miss during a crusade held in Toronto, Canada on 29th June.
Gospel News | Jul 5th, 15:25

Rwandan Rev. Pastor Has a Serious Crush on Zari Hassan

The Rwandan Reverend Pastor of Jehovan Tsdikenu Church Ministries Kayumba Fraterne wishes to meet the Ugandan Socialite Zari Hassan in person.
Gospel News | Jul 4th, 13:25

Gitwaza’s New Rule in Zion Temple Has Reasons Behind- Ev. Fred Kalisa makes analysis

The senior Bishop of the Zion Temple Church Dr Paul Gitwaza reportedly ordains very young pastors. In an interview with the Evangelist Fred Kalisa tells us the reasons behind the doings of Gitwaza.
Gospel News | Jun 28th, 14:24

Ambassadors of Christ singer, Sanyu to walk down the aisle

The marriage date of Sarah Sanyu is known after our journalist spotted the invitation.
Gospel News | May 11th, 11:58

Monsignor, Rucyahana to grace Rwandan Christian Convention Crusade in Canada and US

The Monsignor, John Rucyahana along with Alice Mignone to attend Rwandan Christian Convention crusade of 2018. It will gather all Rwandan Diasporas.
Gospel News | May 10th, 14:51

Ev.Fulgence sees a day of happiness and pain

An artist and evangelist Fulgence Mutabaruka has seen a sleepless night following a fire outbreak that burned down his shop reportedly costs at least 17 million francs.
Gospel News | May 6th, 16:49

D.r Tumi to Rock Kigali

The South African world renowned Artist, Dr. Tumi happily says that he will perform in Rwanda. To him, Patrick Rene gives him inspiration.
Gospel News | Apr 30th, 12:33

Gregg of Amazing Grace Christian Radio Says what he thinks after RURA Revokes his Radio broadcasting license

The Director of Amazing Grace Christian Radio tells us what he thinks after RURA revoked his Radio broadcasting license.
Gospel News | Apr 25th, 17:16

Ugandan New chapter Africa Singers Are in the Country

The New Chapter Africa: Is a group of gospel musicians composed by three guys. They are in the country to promote their music
Gospel News | Apr 23rd, 16:37

Public over react after Zari Hassan converts to Christians

Zari Hassan has finally confirmed that she is now Christian.
Gospel News | Apr 19th, 12:30

Dominic Ashimwe urges Rwandans to heal shattered hearts of Genocide Survivors

The gospel musician better known by his stage name, Dominic Ashimwe dedicates consoling message to the citizens of Rwanda during ongoing period to commemorate beloved people who lost lives in the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.
Gospel News | Apr 10th, 15:33

Sinach graces Easter Celebration concert in Rwanda

For the first time the who I know hit maker landed historical performance in Rwanda yesterday while concertgoers thrilled to share happiness of listening to the mixture of tune and melody of the long awaited Easter celebration concert , notably believers of Jesus Christ.
Gospel News | Apr 2nd, 14:33

Gaby kamanzi releases eye catching single- Watch it here

Having released Neema ya Goligotha audio track for 6 years back, Rwandan gospel musician reshaped his song into eye catching video shot in Uganda.
Gospel News | Mar 16th, 12:26

6 Church Leaders including Bishop Rugagi under arrest

The Bishops, Apostles and Reverends kept under arrest following havoc that has been arising in churches.
Gospel News | Mar 5th, 16:43

RGB Takes on Betrayed Trust Of some Church Leaders

Rwanda Governance Board announced serious issues that are affecting churches because of unqualified leaders who dont want top cease fire that they are reported to have brought in the church before they leave to start more churches aside.
Gospel News | Mar 1st, 13:53

Apostle Mignone Calls at least 200 for Couples’ Dinner

Women Foundation Ministry brings at least 200 couples together for Valentines Day dinner
Gospel News | Feb 15th, 17:02

Redeemed Gospel Church Locked out over Noise, Bishop Rugagi Scared

The news to many comes as surprise considering the way the bishop Rugagi Innocent has been for few days back enchanting victorious power in a bid to silence people who tried to challenge him.
Gospel News | Feb 13th, 18:54

Apotre Gitwaza might spend sleepless night as Vuningoma eyes to return to Zion Temple

The former Bishop assistant to Apotre Gitwaza, Vuningoma Dieudonne opened about his return plan to regain his honor and sit again on his taken away confortable throne.
Gospel News | Dec 21st 2017, 14:34

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SpecialCoverage | Dec 27th 2017, 16:48

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