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Ubumuntu Arts Festival brings the world together, with one problem to seek for one solution

Ubumuntu Arts Festival, a first performing arts festival that bringing the world together in Kigali for its first edition from July 11 and 12, 2015 at Amphitheater of Kigali Genocide Memorial Center.
Culture News | Jul 7th 2015, 11:40

Two Rwandan movies to screen at Durban International Film Festival 2015

During the announcement of film selection at DIFF 2015, two movie directed by young Rwandan filmmakers appeared on the list of the films to be screened in this upcoming week from this Tuesday, June 30, 2015 at DIFF 2015.
Culture News | Jun 30th 2015, 11:06

When will Rwanda get another nomination in AMAAs? – List of nominees for 2015 edition

AMAA stands for African Movie Academy Awards an African prestigious movie awards that is equivalent to Oscars. For the 2015 edition nominees unveiled last Saturday in Los Angeles, South African iNumber Number, Mauritanian Timbuktu and Nigerian October 1 topped the list with 27 nominations in total.
Culture News | Jun 23rd 2015, 15:20

Connie Britton asks Rwandan filmmakers to think out of the box to build their own industry (VIDEO)

Emmy Award nominated actress Connie Britton was in Rwanda for UNDP mission that she is Goodwill ambassador from April last year.
Culture News | Jun 23rd 2015, 08:51

Emmy Award nominated actress Connie Britton comes in Rwanda for UNDP mission, but there is a plan for Hillywood

Constance Elaine "Connie" Britton known professionally as Connie Britton is an American Emmy Award nominated actress known for her roles in various films and television series such as Nashville, American Horror Story which earned her an Emmy nomination, comes in Rwanda for UNDP mission.
Culture News | Jun 19th 2015, 23:49

Rwanda Christian Film Festival organizers urge Rwandan filmmakers to feed Gospel movies audience

The preps for the fourth edition of Rwanda Christian Film Festival are undergoing, and the festivals organizers still have the problem of quantity of Rwandan films to attend the festival due to inefficiency of Gospel movies produced in Rwanda.
Culture News | Jun 18th 2015, 17:16

Street art is a creative, entertaining and community building art to look upon to

Street art is visual art created in public locations, usually unsanctioned artwork executed outside of the context of traditional art venues. The term gained popularity during the graffiti art boom of the early 1980s and continues to be applied to subsequent incarnations. - Wikipedia
Culture News | Jun 17th 2015, 09:54

‘AMAHANO I BWAMI’ – A first historical film ever produced in Rwanda will take you back in 1900s

'AMAHANO I BWAMI - The Tragedy' is a Rwandan Historical epic drama film set in early 1900s Rwanda in early years of Europeans arrival when the country was then under Kings rule and its the first film of its kind ever produced in Rwanda.
Culture News | Jun 3rd 2015, 17:49

“Women Film Festival – Rwanda” a new international film festival to honor and promote women in Cinema

Women Film Festival Rwanda is the new international film festival which is born in Rwanda for its first edition 2015 to honor and promote women in cinema in which films made by women will be screened in the course of 4 days.
Culture News | May 13th 2015, 18:17

FESTICAB 2015: East African feature films are not strong enough to be awarded - FESTIVAL JURY

Even if the Festival International du Cinema et de laudio-visuel du Burundi (FESTICAB) was interrupted by the countrys security crisis which erupted only after the launch of the film weeklong event, the jury has decided to generally announce the 7th edition winners.
Culture News | May 5th 2015, 14:44

Burundi: Security crisis threatens FESTICAB

Festival International du Cinema et de laudio-visuel du Burundi (FESTICAB) for its 7th edition kicked off last Saturday, April 24, 2015 but was disrupted by the national security crisis due to protests following the announcement of the candidacy of current president Peter Nkurunziza for the third term.
Culture News | Apr 28th 2015, 08:57

Joel Karekezi is the jury member of short films in Luxor African film festival

Rwandan film director/producer Joel Karekezi as well as the director who led the first edition of Mashariki African Film Festival to success flew today to Luxor city of Egypt as one of Jury member of short films competition during the 4th Luxor African Film Festival.
Culture News | Mar 15th 2015, 15:08

Virgem Margarida wins the Top Award at First Edition of Mashariki African Film Festival-Full List Of Winners

Last night March 14, on the top of Kigali City Tower, the week-long Mashariki African Film Festival concluded, and films in competitions in different categories from short films, documentaries to narrative feature films were honored, and Lucinio Azevedos Virgem Margarida won the top award (Best Film) that night.
Culture News | Mar 15th 2015, 11:55

The inaugural Mashariki African Film Festival unveils its official selection

The time is surfing for the start of the inaugural edition of 2nd artistic film festival Mashariki African Film Festival which is scheduled to take place in Capital City Kigali, Rwanda from March 8 through March 14.
Culture News | Mar 4th 2015, 15:15

Watch two Mzungus offer a Kinyarwanda tutorial (amazing video)

If you are the kind that has never felt proud speaking your African language, these two Mzungus offering a Kinyarwanda tutorial will inspire you (watch video).
Culture News | Feb 18th 2015, 00:21

Learn Kinyarwanda(issue3)

Are you a visitor or citizen interested in learning Kinyarwanda? Here are some important phrases.
Culture News | Feb 14th 2015, 15:56

Learn Kinyarwanda (a dummy run)

Are you a visitor or citizen struggling with Kinyarwanda. Here are some phrases that may come in handy.
Culture News | Feb 7th 2015, 11:12

Pre-selections of Miss Rwanda ended and 25 representing the four provinces and Kigali City are finally known

After making the rounds of all the provinces of Rwanda, selecting the young women who will represent them in the competition for the most beautiful girl and smarter to be named Miss Rwanda 2015, selections ended this Saturday at Kigali and 5 girls were added to 20 others and all are going to prepare for the final selections of the January 31, 2015.
Culture News | Jan 26th 2015, 11:01

Another film festival is born in Rwanda

As Rwandan film industry is rising from the bottom up, there are many activities which are marking its good track to stardom, and among those is a newly coming soon film festival entitled MASHARIKI AFRICAN FILM FESTIVAL
Culture News | Jan 13th 2015, 09:34

Kigali Fashion Week Grand Final showed at which level modeling is developed in Rwanda

The ceremonies of the end of fashion week "Kigali Fashion Week Grand Final" took place on the evening of the November 8, 2014. In this ceremony the public realized how modeling is developed in Rwanda.
Culture News | Nov 10th 2014, 19:14

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