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1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi in Rwanda: France’s history of obstruction laid out in new Report

The Government of Rwanda today released a report by Washington, DC, law firm Cunningham Levy Muse LLP documenting the role and knowledge of French officials in the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.
SpecialCoverage | Dec 13th 2017, 11:33

Rwanda’s Legacy Clinics scoops an International Quality Summit Award

New York hosted this years BID International Quality SUMMIT Convention, where professionals and business leaders from around the world gathered to recognize excellence and success. In particular, the convention celebrated quality in the business and operations.
SpecialCoverage | Nov 20th 2017, 13:36

‘Insecurity flourishes where we fail to cooperate with each other adequately’-President Kagame

President Kagame urges African countries to cooperate so as to solve their own problems The president was addressing a panel in the International Forum on Peace and Security in Africa taking place in Dakar, Senegal Monday, 13th, November, 2017.
SpecialCoverage | Nov 13th 2017, 18:52

Airtel Rwanda launches “BOMBA PACKS” - the best ever internet packs with unlimited calling

In an effort to continue giving Rwandans value for their money, Airtel Rwanda has launched BOMBA PACKS.
SpecialCoverage | Nov 2nd 2017, 14:41

President Paul Kagame Yesterday, attended the ICGLR Summit

President Paul Kagame yesterday joined the Heads of State and Government of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) for a meeting in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo.
SpecialCoverage | Oct 20th 2017, 14:22

First Lady Jeannette Kagame’s Address 'The Global Citizen Forum' held in Montenegro, 19th, October, 2017

This year's theme was 'Opportunities in the age of uncertainty'. Her Excellency discussed Unity and Reconciliation amongst Rwandan after the horrific 1994 genocide.
SpecialCoverage | Oct 19th 2017, 22:38

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 An Omani
An Omani travelling the world on a motorbike without his country support mentioned that Rwanda is the beautiful country in Africa-VIDEO
As so many people are doing various things to break the Guinness De Record, an Omani man named Maher Al-Barwani decided to travel the entire world by using his motorbike. The sad thing is that his country, Oman is not helping him through.
SpecialCoverage | Dec 27th 2017, 16:48

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