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Legumes contain what it takes to restore life

For one to get the required nutrients in the body, including proteins, carbohydrates and fats in their diets is essential, according to nutritionists.
Other News | Today, 15:05

President Kagame chairs the 14th Broadband Commission in New York

President Kagame yesterday chaired the 14th Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development, at the Yale club in New York.
Other News | Yesterday, 13:58

Street vendor's dreams to be Millionare comes true- Here is how

Anastasia Abambuzimana is the true definition of persistence. Neither fate, nor circumstances linked to her humble background, could stop her from achieving her dream.
Other News | Sep 11th, 14:10

17-years old teenager sues his parents for being born WHITE

St-Louis, MO A 17-year-old is undertaking one of the most controversial lawsuits of the history of the country as he is suing his own biological parents for being born white.
Other News | Sep 6th, 19:38

Things Many people Do Everyday That Are Messing their Health

Id like to believe that everything we do at least in our daily life is partly to better our health.
Other News | Sep 6th, 14:27

Historic artefacts move from Kandt museum to Karongi District

The Institute of National Museums of Rwanda (INMR) on Monday completed the relocation of all historic artefacts related to environment from the Natural History Museum (Kandt House) to the environmental museum in Karongi District.
Other News | Sep 5th, 17:47

Why 20-year-old Ishimwe wins big in the 'Queen's Young Leaders' at London

This year, 20-year-old Yvette Ishimwe was one of the two lucky winners from Rwanda selected to receive the Queens Young Leaders award at Buckingham Palace, London.
Other News | Sep 5th, 13:25

Rwanda revamps Cabinet

The newly appointed Prime Minister, Dr Edouard Ngirente, Wednesday night announced a cabinet that featured a number of new ministers but also saw several others retain their dockets.
Other News | Aug 31st, 11:13

Leopard eat their prey sitting in trees- Here new study explains why

After bringing down a springbok or other prey, leopards tend to drag their kill up into a tree. A new study may explain why
Other News | Aug 30th, 13:30

How to survive in the job market era for new graduates

Last week, University of Rwanda held its 4th graduation ceremony which saw a total of 8,366 students conferred with degrees in different programmes.
Other News | Aug 30th, 12:43

The secrets of learning as an adult

Its never too late to learn if you go about it in the right way.Scientists opened up about Amazing Fertility of the Elder Mind
Other News | Aug 29th, 19:19

See 12 Types of Guests Most People Get Tired Of at Home

In African culture, we are meant to accept all types of guests that we get.
Other News | Aug 29th, 18:32

There is hope to get more young people into better jobs

Young people entering the labour market today face the daunting task of first finding decent jobs and then keeping them when they do. Unemployment rates are on the rise again as are informal, temporary and other non-standard forms of employment.
Other News | Aug 29th, 11:45

6 Simple Steps To Take When Approaching A Lady In Public And Win Her Heart

Some men are naturally shy while some dont even know how to start. The thing is, wooing a girl in public is simple and a lot easier than when shes alone. Here, we have put this down to help you be a man, Lol. Read carefully to the end.
Other News | Aug 24th, 14:22

Reasons why Girls say “No” when they mean “Yes”

One of the greatest misunderstandings or say, the greatest mystery of girls according to men is their reluctance to admit their feelings. Girls/Women according to some men are pretentious and deceitful or just dont know what they want.
Other News | Aug 24th, 13:56

Youth will earn big if embrace BDF support- The story of Uwamahoro

For many women, breaking the proverbial glass ceiling is a daily struggle, especially in sectors that have traditionally been seen as a preserve of men, especially sciences.
Other News | Aug 24th, 11:46

How Rwanda eyes to be a global potato exporter

Government has signed a multimillion dollar deal with a Nigerian investor to revamp and develop the countrys potato industry and help make Rwanda a key producer and exporter of potato products.
Other News | Aug 22nd, 10:51

Birds' dating dance Secrets revealed

A new perspective on male Wilson's bird of paradise courtship displays, captured for Planet Earth II, reveals a totally different looking dance never before seen
Other News | Aug 21st, 18:21

Do you know why Fish eat plastic in the ocean? - Scientists discover

The reason why fish eat plastic when it is dumped in the ocean has been discovered by scientists.
Other News | Aug 16th, 19:57

Some dung beetles have taken to decapitating millipedes

The popular image of dung beetles involves them rolling balls of poo across an African landscape. This is true, but it is not the whole truth
Other News | Aug 15th, 12:26

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