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Rwanda delegates A WOMEN police unit to South Sudan

Rwanda has sent an all-woman police unit for deployment in South Sudan under the UN peacekeeping mission.
Other News | Jun 29th, 13:37

Louise Mushikiwabo Holds AU Council meetings in Mauritania

Rwanda's Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and EAC minister, Louise Mushikiwabo, on Thursday and Friday chaired the 33rd ordinary session of the Executive Council of the African Union (AU).
Other News | Jun 29th, 12:51

President Kagame holds a meeting with AU Reforms Team

The Chairman of the African Union held a meeting on Monday with African Union reforms team. The meeting occurred in the capital of Rwanda, Kigali.
Other News | Jun 26th, 13:22

President Kagame arrives in Ghana for African Transformation Forum

The vice President of Ghana Mahamudu Bawumia welcomes President Kagame to Accra.
Other News | Jun 21st, 16:19

Pope criticizes Trump administration policy on migrant family separation

Pope Francis has criticized the Trump administrations policy of separating migrant families at the Mexican border, saying populism is not the answer to the worlds immigration problems.
Other News | Jun 21st, 13:59

World’s oldest Sumatran orangutan dies but leaves 11 children and 54 descendants behind

The worlds oldest Sumatran orangutan, which had 11 children and 54 descendants spread across the globe, has died aged 62, Australian zoo officials said Tuesday.
Other News | Jun 20th, 15:39

UAE Prince to Visit Rwanda

Rwanda is expected to host a high profile member of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) a move that will push higher the relationship between the two nations.
Other News | Jun 18th, 15:49

MTN Celebrates 20 Years of Operations in Rwanda

MTN Rwanda has launched its 20 th anniversary celebration under the theme:Turi Abanyu which loosely translates to We are yours.
Other News | Jun 13th, 13:08

A sexy walk Gives attractiveness to a woman's Body, British study Discovered

How a woman walks is as important as her body shape in making her attractive to others, a British study has claimed.
Other News | Jun 12th, 13:19

At least 190 Missing after Guatemala volcano eruption

More than 190 missing after Guatemala volcano eruption.
Other News | Jun 6th, 13:02

Is the rights to Own a Gun a new Law In Rwanda?

The Minister for Justice, Johnston Busingye, has said that there should be no cause for alarm amid the ongoing process to amend the law on firearms since the process of acquiring or selling a gun is too stringent.
Other News | May 30th, 13:57

Health Hazards that Music Consumers Face

Your concern is genuine. There are many health hazards of exposure to loud music.
Other News | May 29th, 13:55

Korea Pledges to back African Industries with advanced Technology

Korean President Moon Jae-in has committed to sharing Koreas technological and industrial experience with Africa and to help it compete in the 4th Industrial Revolution.
Other News | May 25th, 11:45

Trump in a trade battle with Rwanda over used clothes- Ultimatum nears the end

Early last year, weeks after Donald Trump was sworn in as president, a little known American trade association filed a petition with the U.S. Trade Representative.
Other News | May 24th, 16:26

Rwanda Art Museum Tells a Unique History

The countrys sole museum of contemporary art, the Rwanda Art Museum opened to the public on Friday, and the symbolism of the chosen date was not lost on guests.
Other News | May 21st, 16:56

Best moments you will miss from Women’s Bakery flagship gala

The womens bakery has come in the right time since it trains women to operate bakeries.
Other News | May 18th, 16:55

Ellen DeGeneres to land in the country in a week

Famous American television personality and actor, Ellen DeGeneres has revealed on her latest episode of the The Ellen Show that she will be coming to Rwanda in a week's time.
Other News | May 18th, 10:34

Dangers associated with eating Brochettes

Brochettes is meat prepared on skewers and roasted especially by use of charcoal stoves in Rwanda. Its a dish which is most served in almost all bars.
Other News | May 14th, 13:11

Women’s Bakery to celebrate a new flagship launch

The womens bakery: An organization that teach women how to make and sell nutritious, affordable breads and manage profitable bakeries in their communities. They will celebrate a new flagship launch tomorrow, 11th May.
Other News | May 10th, 12:23

Learn more about a new outbreak of Ebola that kills 17 in Democratic Republic of Congo

Seventeen people in northwest Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have died from Ebola, the health ministry said on Tuesday, describing the fresh outbreak as a "public health emergency with international impact."
Other News | May 9th, 14:38

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 An Omani
An Omani travelling the world on a motorbike without his country support mentioned that Rwanda is the beautiful country in Africa-VIDEO
As so many people are doing various things to break the Guinness De Record, an Omani man named Maher Al-Barwani decided to travel the entire world by using his motorbike. The sad thing is that his country, Oman is not helping him through.
SpecialCoverage | Dec 27th 2017, 16:48

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