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Bishop Rugagi to resurrect the dead soon

The Redeemed Church Bishop, Rugagi in the broad day light told his believers he is about to reveal to the world his godly power that he will resurrect the dead hospitalized in CHUK, Kigali, soon.
Gospel News | Sep 27th, 13:23

Bishop Gasatura lauds President Kagame for a High-Class Car Offer

The acting Bishop of Butare Anglican Diocese, Reverend Nathan Gasatura, has expressed gratitude to the President Paul Kagame after receiving a land Cruiser Car offer, worth about Rwf 90m, from him on 31 August.
Gospel News | Sep 6th, 12:19

Rwanda: Rose Muhando loses fans ‘Credibility' over rampant lies

The famous gospel songstress in Africa has reportedly been discrediting her good reputation out of her closest people as she does hardly even open up about her dizzy situation which leaves number of her fans unhappy about her immoral behaviors now.
Gospel News | Sep 4th, 13:18

Canadian famous Gospel singer, Eliane Jets off to Rwanda to night

For the first time, the Canadian famous gospel singer and prophetess, Eliane Isaac has landed at Kanombe International Air Port tonight for partaking in the Gospel worshiping event scheduled from 8th-11th August.
Gospel News | Aug 8th, 23:51

Aline Gahongayire is cooking something special for her fans

Nigerian gospel singer, Michael Jefe were in the country few days ago in order to work on a song project with the Rwandan female songbird, Aline Gahongayire.
Gospel News | Jun 27th, 13:33

Mbonyi Israel drops a new hit- KU MAREMBO

Following his previous hit release Sinzibagirwa, Israel Mbonyi confirmed that he is fond of making his music fans happy by releasing another new hit entitled Ku marembo y Ijuru.
Gospel News | Jun 7th, 11:30

Advisor Bukuru releases a hit video for his track- SITOKI HAPA

Advisor Bukuru, real name Mshauri Bukuru, is a Rwandan artiste who lives in Kenya. He has dropped a new hit Gospel video song named Sitoki hapa.
Gospel News | Jun 6th, 14:43

Bishop Rugagi takes a heavy bag, filled with believers’ wishes and appeals, to place it on Israelite willing wall for benediction

The head Shepherd of Redeemed Gospel Church, Bishop Rugagi Innocent toted a heavy bag of believers wishes and claims and took a journey to Israel to place them to the willing wall to be turned into blessings.
Gospel News | Jun 5th, 18:41

Tonzi electrifies Kampala and Deputy admires

A Ugandan Deputy, Judith Babirye was impressed by the Rwandan female artiste performance in a huge concert landed to Kampala at the end of the last week where all participants rose up on their two legs to joyfully dance and sing; Sijamuvako, Kwa Neema among other songs to her as they were too excited at Serena Hotel.
Gospel News | May 18th, 14:59

Apotre Gitwaza now confirms 5 officials to exit from his Church forever

The information about the Zion Temple church introducing new Executive Committee was still in an inquest from the time Apotre Gitwaza was said to have suspended Bishops and pastors accusing them of establishing affiliated churches without his permission few days ago. On Sunday, Gitwaza officially confirmed that the suspension is true and forever
Gospel News | May 9th, 14:36

Police under arrests 3 officials from ADEPR Church

Rwanda National Police under arrested 3 officials of ADEPR church operating in Rwanda by virtue of poor management of ADPR churchs treasures.
Gospel News | May 3rd, 15:46

Thacien Titus reassures the weary in his new video release- HABURA GATO

Thacien Titus, who is a Rwandan Gospel singer and rose to fame for his hit songs that include; Mpisha mu mababa, Umvagusenga, Uzaza ryari Yesu, Aho ugejeje ukora among others, unveiled new video track entitled Habura gato toting exclusive and revival message that aims to comfort weary and horrified people.
Gospel News | May 1st, 13:27

Aline Gahongayire reveals thankful heart to God in her new track release- WARAMPISHE

The Rwandan female artiste, now popularly known as the new woman, Aline Gahongayire reveals her feelings to God in her new song release named Warampishe produced by Producer Clement Ishimwe from Kina Music Studio. The song came out yesterday 26 April 2017 at evening.
Gospel News | Apr 27th, 12:27

Kwibuka 23: Faraja Choir gives reassuring message to all Rwandans in new video- HUMURA RWANDA

To give reassuring message to all Rwandans during this commemoration period, Faraja choir from Kimihurura ADEPR church releases their new video track entitled Humura Rwanda.
Gospel News | Apr 12th, 13:38

Pastor Grace’s new video track release-Dariya, shakes Christians

Pastor Grace Ntambara who won Groove Awards Rwanda 2016 as the best female artist of the year, now releases new video track dubbed Dariya which has erupted confusion among Christians. Some are calling it gospel song while others dont.
Gospel News | Feb 24th, 14:56

Apotre Dr Paul Gitwaza comments on Executive committee changes in Zion Temple Church.

In his Preaching entitled The book of Corinthians 12. Church instructions, Apotre Gitwaza addressed to the Christians at Gatenga Zion Temple Church that it is something to be proud of that work of God is expending where some of his members are initiating their own churches. He denied separation with them but broadening Gods service.
Gospel News | Feb 16th, 16:59

Aline Gahongayire releases Gospel Song and says she is out of joke

Aline Gahongayire is a famous female Gospel singer and she helps judges in Singing competitions as well as beauty and modelling services.
Gospel News | Feb 8th, 16:41

Apostle Gitwaza declares new Executive Committee and fires some of the people who started the church with him

Apostle Dr Paul Gitwaza Muhirwa, founder and legal representative of Zion Temple Celebration Center Ministries all over the world fired some of his assistant bishops by introducing new executive committee.
Gospel News | Feb 6th, 16:40

US: Gaby, Aimee, Gahongayire and Ngendahayo are set for Rwanda Christian Convention

At the outset of August this year, Rwanda Christian Convention is taking place in the United States of America for which Christians gather for praise and worship and famous singers on Gospel music industry are invited.
Gospel News | Jul 20th 2016, 14:41

Pope Francis Joins Hillsong United and LaCrae and many others for at the Together 2016 DC Event

Evangelical leaders are calling on 1 million Christians to gather together in the nations capital next month for prayer and worship at a historic event called Together 2016.
Gospel News | Jun 14th 2016, 15:36

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